Mystery Lines

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Mystery Lines

I love mystery because seeking to understand is so pleasurable for me. When I was in grade school, my favorite type of book involved mysteries and possibilities on a grand scale. I loved the Ancient Astronaut genre. I devoured everything I could find on the premise that we were visited in ancient times by a superior and benevolent race of space beings that came to help. I poured over pictures of the Nazca lines in Peru, complex geometrical styling of animals and shapes that are miles long and were really only discovered when planes started flying over them. How did ancient people form such complex and mathematically precise drawings without our modern technology?! My young mind wondered with the possibilities. My thoughts were filled with crystal skulls, brain surgery done with rock knifes, ancient batteries and images on cave walls of flying machines and beings wearing what looked like space helmets. I scanned the skies for UFOs while I walked my dog at night. I waited for the aliens who come and feed you pancakes. I read everything I could find about Roswell and Project Blue Book. I hoped to stumble across a crop circle in the farmer’s field across the street from my apartment complex. The symbols in this painting came to me and reminded me of crop circles and mysterious geometrics.

I haven’t found what I was looking for, but sometimes, I still look up and wonder.

I hope that you still wonder too. I hope that you look up and think of all the infinite possibilities that are out there. I hope when you think of the Other (whether aliens from across the galaxy or across the border), that you believe that they come here with good intentions even if they don’t bring you pancakes.

Original 36×36” acrylic on canvas available
Prints and products available.

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My Third Eye Owl is going to be in a board game!

My family are avid gamers. Every year we go to a handful of gaming conventions. Double Exposure hosts the most awesome ones. I’m partial to abstract strategy games. Pente, a game that’s similar to Go or Connect4 is one of my favorites. I also really enjoy trivia party games.

I was so excited when I got the news that one of the paintings that I did for the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge was chosen for The Gallerist. The game is fully funded and you can check out the Kickstarter

I love this little guy and I’m not a big owl person. The colors make me happy and there’s some fantasy/mystical happening with his third eye.

The original 16×20 acrylic painting is available. Prints and cool stuff with the image are at