Looking in Two Directions

Looking in Two Directions
12×18 Acrylic on Paper


Sometimes we are torn. We don’t know what our priorities are. We don’t know what to focus on. The person in the painting is staring ahead with a determined countenance. They are also gazing at the moon.

How do we balance it all? There’s our work. There’s the stuff that is determined by society to be *IMPORTANT*. There are necessary tasks that are required in our day to day for our lives to be happy, healthy and sustainable. We must do what we need to do to keep a roof over our heads and food in our stomachs. The baby needs to be changed. There’s no getting around this stuff. We grit our teeth, gird our loins and we forge ahead. We make the 7:15 commuter train with moments to spare. We strive to provide for our loved ones and to do what we need to do to have a comfortable life.
But the Moon is there. She’s still waiting for us. She’s glowing with all the reflected luminescence of the Sun. She’s full of mystery, the planetary equivalent of Mona Lisa’s smile. She shines down on us. If you are very, very quiet and equally still, you may be privileged to hear her giggle like the tinkling of far off wind chimes. She is magic made visible.

I wish for you, in your focus on what is necessary, that you never lose sight of what is truly important.