Propositional Attitudes edited by John Burtle and Elana Mann

A Trio of Scores for the Unsure Electorate

When you receive your sample ballot, open it to the page that is a representation of the
voting booth. Tear out the name of a candidate and attach it to a poppet that you have
constructed from trash that you have collected from the streets of your town. Repeat until
you have created a poppet for each candidate. Bring the poppets to the first City Council
meeting after the election. Gift them to your elected officials and the also-rans.
When you receive your sample ballot, attach it to a corkboard. Throw darts at it.
Blindfolded. When your dart hits the name of a potential elected officials, ask a Magic 8Ball
what chance the candidate has. Do research to find facts in support of the Magic 8Ball’s
view. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper espousing the view of the Magic
8-Ball. Repeat until you have done so for every candidate.
If you are sleeping and have a dream about a political figure, write down the dream upon
awakening. Make copies and send one to every person who has appeared in the dream. If the
person is a historical figure, leave a copy on their grave.