The Flower is the Sun is Watching.

The Sun is a Flower is watching
All seeing flower, mushroom eye shroom and the moon

I was thinking about the enormity of the natural world and how small our manmade world is in comparison. Moonlight, mushrooms and mysteries filled my thoughts. I wanted to make a painting where I included something like an apartment building into the scene of wild nature but the building was on a different scale. I started with very positive colors for the background, a confectionary swirl of yellow, pink and white. The central figure is a flower but is also not a flower. In the center of the flower is an eye. Nature is watching us. Is She looking concerned like a mother after her unruly children? The pupil and iris also form a stylized sun. There is an inner light in the flower as there is in all nature. Once, when my child was young and in intensive care, I received a visit from the hospital chaplain. He had never met anyone of my religion and did not know how to minister to me. We talked of the divinity within and the song, This Little Light of Mine, was our common ground. I believe that we need to recognize the divinity inherent in Nature so we don’t destroy it and in the process destroy ourselves. Not only is the flower radiant from within but the petals are also radiating like the rays of the sun.

The moon, with its mysteries, is the same color and directly diagonal from the apartment building. I’ve lived in small walkup apartments, like the one depicted, in New York City. Because of the proximity of neighbors, one is allowed neither privacy nor mystery.  Nature provides what our day-to-day lacks. The mushrooms bring their magic. Magic that is larger than the place where we live.

I wish you magic and mysteries wherever you may be. May you recognize the light within yourself and inside of everyone you meet.


Original acrylic on canvas – 36×36 inches. Available
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