Ladder to Enlightenment

painting of Ladder to Enlightenment
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I like the symbolism of the ladder. I believe that we have the ability to elevate ourselves, our consciousness, our state of being, our lot in life, etc. For me, the eye represents enlightenment so a ladder leading up to the eye represents an individual’s journey to enlightenment. I believe that if we seek, if we ask ourselves the hard questions, we may find answers. I believe in the examined life.

The background colors are different, darker than those that I typically use. The reds and yellows are flame like, the dark and the black like that which has been burnt. There’s a lot of motion in this background, some of it kind of violent. I think it may be how I imagine Hell. I believe that a personal Hell is often the catalyst for change and for the start of one’s journey toward understanding. But even in this background, and perhaps, even in Hell, all is not lost. There is the soft, comforting pink and the white. There is refuge from the fires; there are things that can bring comfort.

There are four painted collage elements. Two are stylized archaic Goddesses. The third is the face of a woman. She may be a Goddess too, as may you. The ones and zeroes spell the word ‘love’ in binary code. Love is always there. It may not be immediately apparent; it may not take the form that you expect to see it in. You may need to look closely. You may need to expand your definition. Love is always there and it takes many forms. Look for it. Plant its seeds. Encourage it to grow where you find it. We are acculturated to think of love as primarily existing in one form. Commercials and popular media sell us Eros, sexual love. Don’t forget Agape, love for one’s children, spouse and deities. Or Philia, ‘brotherly love’, loyalty to family friends and community that grows from virtue, equality and familiarity.

I wish that you find love in all its myriad forms, that you recognize and nurture its seeds and plant many of your own. May we all grow together in love!

Original 36×36″ acrylic on canvas – available
Prints and products available.

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