Social Practice:

Sweet Dreams Suite :
A series of interactive socially engaged inquiries into the nature and magic of dreams.

Skyclad Tarot: A more diverse tarot made by over 50 volunteers.

Every Day A Shooting:

Immigrants and Colonists:


Visual Art:

Paintings  :
Kymba has a daily painting practice as a tool to defy depression. She makes colorful and bold acrylic paintings with dreamlike images. 

Body Painting and Photography:


Conceptual Art:

Day de Dada
Propositional Attitudes


Info on Kymba, CV, Press Kit and Contact Info. 

Interviews and chats with Kymba about Art, Depression and the Meaning of Meaning.

The new art gets added here first. Here is where Kymba seeks to understand her paintings.

Colors Keep The Darkness Away

Instructions for painting workshops for people dealing with depression and issues of sadness. Released under a Creative Commons License.